About me

yvonne feresu
Hi, I’m Yvonne, the self-titled bad-ass writer, and award-winning blogger.

I’m on a mission to become the best darn blogger south of the Sahara, “best” is relative I know, but a girl has to have ambition.

So here are a few highlights of the past few years (I just picked the most exciting here):

Career-wise, there are a lot of things I’m still figuring out, but you should know that I write… A LOT. This part I don’t need to figure out,

I love writing, and creating…and writing some more.

How do I use my writing skills (and earn an income)?

  • Professional blogging
  • Social Media Management
  • Story Writing Workshops (training)
  • Editing and proofreading

Here are the highlights of some of the work I’ve done.


Social Media Management

Whilst I’ve worked in various organizations, taking on different roles, most of them included writing copy, scripts, articles, stories, and social media content.

Some of the bigger projects I managed & online education I attained:

2020, Feb – Sept: Manage World Vision Zimbabwe Social Media profiles (Twitter & Facebook )

Youth Connekt Zimbabwe banner

2019, June – Oct: Managed Youth Connekt Zimbabwe Social Media profiles for the #StartupTourBus campaign

Google's Digital Skills for Africa

2019: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google Digital Skills for Africa

Professional Writing

My professional writing career spans from my days working as a Blogger/Copywriter at Hammer & Tongues Africa Holdings, 2017/8; Copywriter at The Jupiter Drawing Room, 2018; Content Creator & Strategist at Afrodroid Media, 2018; and Communication Graduate Intern at World Vision Zimbabwe, 2020).

As a freelancer, I have written for several websites including Startupbiz, Tariro Trust, Tiritose Sustainable Travel.

Here are a few of the blog posts I’ve written:

StartupBiz Zimbabwe

Here’s a link to all the articles I have written for the website, focusing on entrepreneurship and SMEs:

Articles by Yvonne

My Bad-ass Blog

This is the blog that won the award! *hardly containing my grin*

I launched it in 2017, sharing my insights on adulting. The main focus of this blog is Career Development, Personal Development, and Mental Well-being for young adults.

It’s based on my personal experiences… basically what I’ve learnt in my short life.

I publish a new blog post once every week, on whichever day strikes my fancy (unreliable I know, but I’m not getting paid for this you know).

So take a look around and maybe you’ll find something useful for you there! You can start here:

Best personal blog 2019, Yvonne Feresu announcement
Winning Best Personal Blog 2019 with Zim Blog Awards

Some of my most popular blog posts:

You can have your dream job and still be miserable
When reading a book changes your life
Why I quit my job and why you shouldn’t

You can get in touch with me easily via email on: info@yvonneferesu.co.zw