About me

yvonne feresu
Hi, I’m Yvonne, the self-titled bad-ass writer, and award-winning blogger.

I’m on a mission to become the best darn blogger south of the Sahara, “best” is relative I know, but a girl has to have ambition.

So here are a few highlights of the past few years (I just picked the most exciting here):

Career-wise, there are a lot of things I’m still figuring out, but you should know that I write… A LOT. This part I don’t need to figure out,

I love writing, and creating…and writing some more.

How do I use my writing skills?

  • Professional blogging
  • Social Media Management
  • Story Writing Workshops (training)
  • Editing and proofreading

Check out my portfolio

My Bad-ass Blog

This is the blog that won the award! *hardly containing my grin*

I launched it in 2017, sharing my insights on adulting. The main focus of this blog is Career Development, Personal Development, and Mental Well-being for young adults.

It’s based on my personal experiences… basically what I’ve learnt in my short life.

I publish a new blog post once every week, on whichever day strikes my fancy (unreliable I know, but I’m not getting paid for this you know).

So take a look around and maybe you’ll find something useful for you there! You can start here:

Best personal blog 2019, Yvonne Feresu announcement
Winning Best Personal Blog 2019 with Zim Blog Awards

Some of my most popular blog posts:

You can have your dream job and still be miserable
When reading a book changes your life
Why I quit my job and why you shouldn’t

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