Welcome to my website 😀

This is a space for learning (hopefully) and entertainment! I hope you come back again and again, and that I’ll always give you reasons to return.

I post everyday, except for Saturdays…I reserve those for turning up 😉

Lobola Heist

Lose yourself in the drama that unfolds when a con-woman meets a madmen. Romance, deceit, rage and vengeance weave through their story when their lives intersect .

This is my first published short novel (self-published that is) which will be updated Monday to Thursday in the morning. Enjoy!


Here I share some insights I’ve discovered over time, navigating the real world (life after school). I share them because I believe learning this has helped me grow, and hopefully it can help you too.

I touch on everything from saving money, growth and productivity hacks, fashion, pain, the rat race, and all other sorts of adult stuff…almost entirely from my personal experiences. Sunday for me, is blog post day.

About me

By the way, I’m Yvonne, the self-titled bad-ass writer. I really just like that word, someone I know uses it ALL the time! Anyways in a nutshell, I write…a lot, and I’m planning to write even more; most importantly I want to share that with the world. Continue reading “About me”