Welcome to my website 😀

This is a space for learning (hopefully) and entertainment! I hope you come back again and again, and that I’ll always give you reasons to return.

I post everyday, except for Saturdays…I reserve those for turning up 😉

Lobola Heist

Lose yourself in the drama that unfolds when a con-woman meets a madmen. Romance, deceit, rage and vengeance weave through their story when their lives intersect .

This is my first published short novel (self-published that is) which will be updated Monday to Thursday in the morning. Enjoy!

About me

By the way, I’m Yvonne, the self-titled bad-ass writer. I really just like that word, someone I know uses it ALL the time! Anyways in a nutshell, I write…a lot, and I’m planning to write even more; most importantly I want to share that with the world. Continue reading “About me”