Flash fiction: Toe Suckers and Designer Bags

“Okay, now come here, get on your knees,” he said, crooking his fingers. Cindy gave him a long stare and smiled coyly. She wondered what kinky fuckery he wanted to get on with now. Dressed in nothing but a red thong, Cindy climbed onto the bed on her knees and awaited further instructions. He liked to be in charge, didn’t like it when she seemed too eager, which she never really was, but her acting skills could go a long way. “Straddle my legs, facing my feet,” he said again and she barely managed to conceal her surprise. Did he want to sixty-nine? 

Oh God, please no. No, no, no.

She stranded him. “Okay now, rub my feet, I need a nice foot massage,” he said. Relief slithered down Cindy’s spine. Putting his shrivelled penis inside her vagina was one thing, putting it her mouth was another entirely. This time she couldn’t hide her true reaction, but perhaps he’d think she was shivering in anticipation. And internally she was, anticipation for that fat allowance he would be sending her soon.

“Daddy, let me get some massage oil…it’ll make it better, much better…” she said, smiling shyly. He grinned at her thoughtfulness, crossing his arms behind his head and sinking further into the pillows. She quickly dashed across the room and grabbed the message oil, only to walk back slowly to him, letting him appreciate her near naked splendour. Back in position, Cindy liberally applied the oil and tenderly messaged his feet, paying homage to each toe. Her lips twitched at his long drawn out groans. She felt his hands at her waist and those twitching lips spread into a satisfied smile.

“Now suck them,” he groaned. Her smile died. 

She swallowed her gag and stared at the offending appendages. Is he serious? “Suck them Cin, suck them now. I want to feel your tongue on my toes, eat the whole foot if you can!” Oh my God, he’s serious. Cindy closed her eyes and pictured the streets of Milan she’d be exploring tomorrow. And the stores. Yes, the crazy shopping she’d do. Everything designer, she was going to make him pay for this. A Hermes bag for each toe she put in her mouth, a pair of Louboutins for suction of her mouth. She bent over knowing full well the view she was giving him. She gripped one foot in both hands, firmly massaging whilst taking his big toe into her mouth.

She ignored the overgrown, discoloured toe-nails and pretended not to feel the little toe hairs tickling her tongue. The groans started again. A meal at an expensive restaurant for each groan. Five designer lipsticks for each smack on her arse that he was giving him. She ignored he hot tears gathering behind her eyelids and focused on her mission, she was going to suck this man dry.

PS: I also write non fiction, in form of blog posts, here my latest post – My 2020 challenge: Promises to myself

By Yvonne Feresu

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