A present to my creative self – the WinterABC

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A present to my creative self - the WinterABC Afrobloggers challenge

I almost never take part in blogging challenges, except in 2020 when I attempted the winter challenge but never finished it. I am determined, this time around. The challenge is flexible with themed weeks instead of daily topics, and the community is even bigger and better. On this day I dedicate my first post for the challenge to Yvonne the creative personality (i.e me) who has been side-lined and neglected for the past year. This is for the piece of me that has been dying a slow death and taking me with it because I would not let it flourish.

And this my dear readers is the said challenge

 I chose to fully pursue my financial independence and freedom with a 9-5 job. I paid a price for it. Go ahead and read: What I learnt sacrificing creative writing for financial security, and you’ll see precisely what I mean. It has taken me a few years of job-hopping to realize that I don’t have a choice but to create. I don’t have the luxury to ignore and not nurture that aspect of my personality, as dominant as it is. No highly creative person can do that without damaging themselves, ask Dr Jordan Peterson. This challenge is my way of finding that path again. It’s an apology to my ravaged soul, a boon to my bored mind and a tendril of hope to my creative spirit.

I dedicate this challenge to my neglected blog. I treated you badly, and I’m sorry; with all that you’ve done for me you deserved better. My blog and I – we wanted to conquer the world. We set out to make our mark in the blogging world (and secure paid work for me), but I betrayed her. I turned away and thought she wasn’t important anymore, caught up in the new career path I was pursuing. Most importantly though I lost my ‘why‘, I forgot why I created her and started blogging in the first place. But I am home now.

I’m excited about this new chapter, this journey and what it means for us. By us, I mean the broken, creative soul inside of me, my blog and myself. We all deserve the love, excitement and fulfilment that comes from creating. I’m eager to read what others bloggers will serve us. Above all, I hope that someone finds answers and inspiration in the stories I’ll share. Of course, winning the prize money wouldn’t hurt either.

By Yvonne Feresu

Hi, I'm on a mission to be the best darn blogger south of the Sahara...and yes I know "best" is relative but you get my drift. So far I've won a national award for this blog, and earn my living professional as a writer, that's pretty cool, isn't it?


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