How to make your job hunt more successful – for graduates

Have you ever noticed that people who are already employed, or are only recently unemployed, seem to be able to secure new jobs quicker than everyone else? And that some people seem not to have too much trouble finding employment? You usually just conclude that they’re well connected, because it’s a little baffling right?

The harsh reality of worklife: the 8-5 grind truly is a rat race…

Working from 8-5 can be a painful, endless existence, here's how to make it work

Getting a job is the dream for a ton of graduates, because, well…employment = money. And having money is a good thing right? But here’s what you never think about, once you have an 8 to 5 job, your life ceases to be your own.  Congratulations, you’ve now joined the rat race (it has no finish line… Continue reading The harsh reality of worklife: the 8-5 grind truly is a rat race…

The sad truth about having ‘limitless time’

After school, all bets are off, your time is now your easy to waste

It’s exciting, thrilling even, to finish school and have all this delicious time to do with whatever you please. No more assignments. No tests, presentations, pesky morning lectures, and the grinding pressure to cram and pass exams, blissfully never to be borne again. But most importantly, that horrifying, relentless beast often politely referred to as