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Present day.

Buyers in a local supermarket were treated to a rather unusual sight on what seemed to be perfectly dull Sunday. A man, in one of the long queues waiting to pay, had been staring rather intently at a woman (of course this bit of knowledge was revealed once the drama had abated) for quite a long time. Eventually, as if feeling the weight of the stare, the woman turned her head and locked eyes with this man. In a flurry of movement, the woman abandoned her trolley. Decked in sky high shoes, she dashed across the exit and the staring man gave chase, knocking people heedlessly out of his way.

The sound of slamming doors, and revving engines filled the parking lot. Excited, bystanders rushed out to see a white Mercedes Benz S Class speed after a sleek, sporty black BMW. Thus began a high speed chase. The BMW shot past all red traffic lights, and recklessly wove through traffic with the white Mercedes closely following. Eventually the two reached a major highway, and the chase intensified.

Suffice to say, the spectacle had just begun. Somewhere along a highway leading out of the capital city, the Mercedes shot ahead of the BMW. The Mercedes driver swerved around and stopped his car, blocking the entire lane. The other driver had neither enough room nor time to maneuver around the offending car, and was forced to come to a screeching halt. Traffic behind her stalled. Panicked the female driver dove out of car and began to run along the edges of the road, away from her aggressor. With her killer shoes, she didn’t get very far before he caught up with her.

Occupants of the vehicles that had been delayed, watched in rising alarm as the man yanked at the woman’s long, sleek weave; completely unbalancing her. She tumbled to the ground and began to scream as he dragged her back towards their cars by her hair. Horrified, another man exited his vehicle and started to approach the struggling couple, intent on rescuing the woman.

“Hey! Hey man, what are you doing?” He could feel his anger rising at the callous treatment of this woman.
“You stay the fuck out of our business! Fuck off! Fuck off right now!” The angry, violent man screamed, spittle forming at his mouth. The concerned stranger was taken aback. He didn’t know what to do. Should he insist on intervening? Should he mind his own business? But wasn’t this domestic violence. I have to do something.

Whilst he was battling with his thoughts, the main actor of the entire drama, scooped up the woman and carried her the rest of the way to his car. The concerned stranger watched in horror as the man opened his boot, shoved the woman inside, and slammed it shut. In the blink of an eye, the man was inside his white Mercedes and speeding away. Sickened, the stranger took note of the vehicle’s license plate, and began to dial the police. He wondered though, what good the Zimbabwean police could really do, but called anyways. For now, he would safeguard the black BMW the woman had left behind…engine still humming, keys in the ignition.

The video of the whole thing was already going viral.

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