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Now what? Vezo hadn’t really thought beyond finding his wife, and now that he had her, he wasn’t sure what to do. Where was he going to take her? Fury burning through his blood, he thought of all the time he’d spent searching for her. All his previous vengeful plans, none of them where going to work. He needed answers. Over and above everything else he needed to know why the bitch had lied to him. After he got answers, he was going to drown the criminal bitch in the nearest river. Pressing harder on the accelerator, he watched his speedometer near 200km/h.

Tanya lay unmoving in the boot of the white Mercedes wondering how shit had hit the ceiling so quickly. Just a less than an hour ago she had been grocery shopping, minding her own business, and wondering whether to visit Santorini or Athens this coming Easter. Now she was in the boot of her estranged “husband’s” car. The man was a lunatic. If only she’d known, she’d have stayed far from him right from the beginning. Where is he taking me? What is he going to do with me? The car felt as if it was moving at an unreal speed, she hoped he wouldn’t kill them both in a crash.

Eventually the white Mercedes reached an impromptu destination, the driver having bribed his way past all police speed checks. The man selected a secluded lodge, which was conveniently located about three hours out of Harare, and in the wilds of the Savanna. Pretty close to a much smaller city, Gweru. He knew that the lodge had private chalets sprawled over the property, perfect for discrete business. He parked his vehicle in a secluded area and went to open his boot. Seeing the boot lift Tanya parted her lips to scream, but never got the chance, he knocked her out too fast. He didn’t need her calling attention to the car whilst he was gone. He slammed the boot shut, and headed to the front office.

“Hi, I’d like to make a reservation…me and my wife.” The pretty receptionist sitting at the front desk stared at the tall, handsome man, momentarily blinded by his smile. “Umm good evening, umm afternoon…when,” she cleared her throat, “when would you like to book for?”
“Today. Right now,” Vezo responded, leaning over the counter, and staring at the girl.
Unnerved at the customer’s intensity, the receptionist fumbled with her pen, “Umm, we usually prefer advanced bookings sir…” uncertain.

“Yeah but I’m sure if there’s a free chalet you can make an exception, no?” He leaned over and stroked one of her braids behind an ear. “Umm of course, of course…let me see if we have any free…” she didn’t finish her sentence, too flustered by the man’s attentions. She was a new intern, and whilst she was used to clients flirting with her, this man was a little different. She shifted in her seat uncomfortably, there was something rather unsettling about him, a strange vibe. Also, wasn’t he here with his wife?

“Ah, found one…we’re usually fully booked…um, but it’s a rather isolated chalet…much more than the others?” She looked up questioningly, and promptly regretted it, he was still doing the staring thing.
“No, no that’s perfect. The more privacy we have, the better!” She briefly wondered why he was so excited, hmm, maybe he was just passionate about his wife. Her mother was right; all men are dogs. Here he was, holidaying with his wife, but still staring at her like he wanted to strip her naked.

Vezo stared at the girl whilst finishing up the booking process. She reminded of him what his wife used to be like, or what she’d seemed like. Innocent, sweet, unassuming. And so pretty. She was probably a poisonous snake too. He stifled the urge to reach over the counter and strangle her neck.
Room key in hand, he headed back to his car, black thoughts swirling through his mind.

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