I’m 24 and I’m still trying to find myself

Allow yourself to search for yourself

Have you ever lost yourself? Is it possible to lose yourself? I always find it a little strange when people talk about “finding yourself”, it’s a bit of an odd statement, but I’m finally willing to admit that I lost the plot a while ago. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing, and where… Continue reading I’m 24 and I’m still trying to find myself

Lobola Heist Page 6

Previous page “They don’t exist? Vezo, I’m failing to understand, explain this to me,” Mrs. Moyo Snr said, looking entirely confused. Vezo utterly broke down. Flashes of his engagement party, the traditional marital ceremony and the wedding, assaulted him. He’d popped the question five months into dating;

Lobola Heist Page 4

Previous page “I’m an administrative assistant…open for hiring, could you just take a look at my CV please?” The angel was pleading with him. For a moment Vezo wasn’t sure what they were talking about, his world momentarily shaken. He stared blankly at the envelop extended towards him. “Umm, sure sure…you said your name is… Continue reading Lobola Heist Page 4

Lobola Heist

A novella When a con-woman meets a mad man, things get ugly pretty quickly. Romance, deceit and drama!