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“I’m an administrative assistant…open for hiring, could you just take a look at my CV please?” The angel was pleading with him. For a moment Vezo wasn’t sure what they were talking about, his world momentarily shaken. He stared blankly at the envelop extended towards him. “Umm, sure sure…you said your name is Tanya?”
“Yes, Tanya Soko,” she confirmed eagerly.
“Er look Tanya, we don’t have any open vacancies,” and her face fell, “buuut, but I’ll take a look at it, and we’ll see, I’m not promising anything.” Her face instantly brightened as if he had slayed a dragon for her, he could definitely get used to that feeling. Suddenly remembering his meeting, he fired a reminder to his receptionist and hurried away to his office, instantly putting the new girl out of his mind.

Sometime later, towards lunch time, exhausted from dealing with a demanding client, Vezo decided to take a look at the girl’s CV. Impressed, he sat back and wondered why she wasn’t a practicing lawyer? Why did she choose to do administrative work instead? And she was definitely older than she looked, 26…hmm perfect marriageable age.
For the rest of the day, her face kept swimming before his eyes, and finally he gave in to the urge. He called her.

“Hello?” her voice sounded sleepy, bedroomy.
“Hi, did I wake you? You sound like you were sleeping?” he inquired teasingly. She laughed. A low, sexy laugh that hit him square in the belly. He was sure stealing someone’s contact details off their CV for personal reasons wasn’t entirely professional…but well, who was going to stop him?
“Yes and no. No you didn’t wake me, but yes I was just taking a little nap.”
“Napping during the day? Wow you must be living the life!”
She laughed again, “Umm sorry, who’s this again? I don’t have this contact,” her voice was hesitant this time.
“Vezo. Vezokuhle Moyo, we met earlier on in my office.”
“Oh, oh! Um, good evening Mr. Moyo…” she sounded suddenly alert.
This time he’s the one that laughed, “Are you going to go all formal on me now? Please call me Vezo.” She laughed that low laugh again in response. “So is this how you greet all the guys who call you with unfamiliar numbers? With that bedroom voice?”
“What? No! I was just waking up!” she protested, failing to contain a giggle.
“Listen, this is totally unprofessional, so don’t be mad…I can’t really offer you a job right now, but could I take you to dinner instead?” He was holding his breath for her answer, and this time her laughter sounded nervous.

“Um, I don’t know…I don’t know you…”
“But that’s the point of having dinner with me! To get to know each other…see!” She laughed again, then remained silent, and Vezo could sense her hesitation through the call. “Okay you know what, let’s make it lunch then…I’ll meet you there if you’re uncomfortable with riding in a stranger’s car…then we’ll take it from there?”
“Okay, I like that better, I could do that,” she replied, sounding less nervous, “umm, when?”
“Tomorrow at 1 pm, place of your choice.” He could ditch his original lunch date with his brother, after all, he was wooing the future Mrs. Moyo.
“1 pm sounds perfect…and I like seafood, let’s do seafood, I’ll text you the place I wanna try,” she happily responded.
“Perfect, can’t wait,” and then he hung up, smiling like a Cheshire Cat. 

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