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He gave her the job. He had to. How else was he supposed to woo her quickly? How else was he going to ensure that he knew her every move? And of course to protect her from his lecherous friend, who offered her a position as his legal assistant. It wasn’t a good offer, the guy just wanted a chance to prey on Tanya. He would protect, and woo her at the same time.

And court her he did. Vezo had found his future wife, and he was determined to marry her. Their romance was the envy of all the spectators; friends, colleagues, even family. Vezo had hit the jackpot and he knew it. Not only was Tanya as sharp as a tack, but she was gorgeous, and incredibly sweet. She wasn’t gorgeous in a femme fatale kind of way, but rather a wholesome, earthy kind of beautiful. She kept a little afro, trimmed at the sides, and wore only a cherry-coloured lip balm. He liked it like that; he always liked his women natural. Natural and slightly thick. She was everything nicely packaged in one. He was determined to marry her, no matter how reluctant she seemed to rush to the alter.

Present day

Vezo raised his belt like a whip and brought it down, the sound of leather, smacking skin, echoing across the room. The metal little cap at the end of his belt left an especially painful mark on Tanya’s skin.
Sighing with frustration, “This isn’t going to work.” He circled around her, thinking. “This isn’t really the best position for me to deliver my punishment, I don’t think you’re feeling enough pain…” he cocked his head, as if in thought, “…yes, I need you on lying on your stomach,” he concluded, grinning like he’d just won the lottery. Tanya whimpered in fear, knowing that her torture had only just begun. Humming happily, Vezo untied Tanya’s hands, hauled her from the chair and dragged her to the foot of the bed. Tying her hands behind her back again, he forced her to kneel at the edge of the bed, and lean her torso on the bed. Yanking her legs back by her ankles, he left her at an awkward angle, unable to pull herself up.
“Yes, this is so much better, you can scream into the bedding all you want now, no one will hear you…” he chuckled cruelly.
“Vezo please…please,” Tanya sobbed, unable to form coherent sentences. “Please Vezo, let’s talk about this…don’t do this to me…,” she hiccupped, “think of what your mother taught you…”
“Don’t talk about my mother!” and the whip came down hard across her thighs, “Don’t you dare talk about her with your vile mouth! Do you know how much grief you caused her? Do you know how heartbroken she was?” he was screaming at her again. His breathing escalated as he started to think about his mother, and the day he had crawled to her, bewildered and heartbroken.

3 months ago

Mrs. Moyo Snr stared at her son, unable to comprehend his words, “What do you mean Vezo? I don’t understand…what do you mean she’s gone?”
She watched in horror as her son shook his head, and start to weep. What had this woman done to her son to bring him to tears like this? What had he done to the girl for her to leave?
“She’s gone mama…she’s gone. I can’t find her anywhere…I’ve searched everywhere…I can’t…I can’t find her anywhere.” Her son’s despair was heartbreaking. Uncertain what to do, and hoping that perhaps it was a dramatic marital tiff, like children of today were prone to having, she asked, “What about her family Vezo, have you tried her family’s home?” The girl was orphaned, but her relatives had adopted and cared for her very lovingly. Tanya had said so herself.
“There’s no one there either mama, apparently they don’t exist.”

Author’s note: Aaaaand that’s the end of today’s episode, see you again tomorrow! PS, I’m going to try post new eposides on Friday as well, so it’ll be Monday to Friday. Cheers!

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