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“They don’t exist? Vezo, I’m failing to understand, explain this to me,” Mrs. Moyo Snr said, looking entirely confused.
Vezo utterly broke down. Flashes of his engagement party, the traditional marital ceremony and the wedding, assaulted him. He’d popped the question five months into dating; theirs had been a whirlwind romance. They’d gone everywhere together, done everything together. He had been completely taken with Tanya. The nights they didn’t eat out she would come and cook at his place. Then she’d prepare packed lunch for the next day, his and hers. She cleaned the house, did his laundry and took care of him; she was all in all the perfect girlfriend and wife to be. They even attended church service together, at his church of course. He had fallen in love with her, hard and deep. She told him she loved him too, many many times, and she’d shown it.

In the sixth month, Vezo paid roora for his beautiful bride. It was a grand celebration, in the home Tanya grew up in, her aunt and uncle’s house. Her bride price had been on the steep side, but Vezo had been proud to show off his financial capabilities and hadn’t batted an eye. The wedding, two months after that was an even grander affair, lavish and beautiful; something to be remembered. As a wedding gift, he bought his bride a sporty, sleek, black BMW. Barely a day later, she had vanished…from their honeymoon suite.

Present Day

Tanya knew she had to find a way to escape, before this deranged man killed her in a fit of passion. Bracing herself for more pain, she tensed when she heard the sound of the belt whiz through the air. This time it landed on her back, hot and stinging. She muffled her screams with the bed-cover as more lashes rained on her back. She tried to remind herself that this would pass, and she would survive. She clung to these words of comfort, as her back and thighs became a mass of pain. She was seriously regretting her decision to target this man, nothing at all had gone according to plan. She let her mind wander to how this had begun.

Author’s note: Sorry I disappeared and left you hanging. I was unfortunately experiencing a couple of difficulties, but I’m back on track now! See you tomorrow for the next page!

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