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Previous page “I’m an administrative assistant…open for hiring, could you just take a look at my CV please?” The angel was pleading with him. For a moment Vezo wasn’t sure what they were talking about, his world momentarily shaken. He stared blankly at the envelop extended towards him. “Umm, sure sure…you said your name is… Continue reading Lobola Heist Page 4

Lobola Heist

A novella When a con-woman meets a mad man, things get ugly pretty quickly. Romance, deceit and drama!

How to make your job hunt more successful – for graduates

Have you ever noticed that people who are already employed, or are only recently unemployed, seem to be able to secure new jobs quicker than everyone else? And that some people seem not to have too much trouble finding employment? You usually just conclude that they’re well connected, because it’s a little baffling right?

Why I quit my job…and why you shouldn’t

Don't be this guy...

Quitting your job because you hate it, don’t like it or don’t like your boss, is not a solution. Quitting your job without exhausting other options, is not a good idea. It just provides you with temporary relief, but no solution. I quit my job in March, mid-month, and whilst I don’t regret leaving the… Continue reading Why I quit my job…and why you shouldn’t

A simple guide on containing regret from past decisions

The choices we make, always have an impact sooner or later...

Have you ever made a decision you regret? Choices you wish you never made? Or wished the circumstances surrounding you had been different? This happens a lot, to many of us. But regret is a terrible emotion that will leave a sour taste in your mouth. You don’t want the helplessness that comes with it,… Continue reading A simple guide on containing regret from past decisions